Faithful to the tradition of welcome of a region which is known for its climate and scenery, the Grand Hotel du Lac offers an atmosphere of calmness and pleasure, where the service and naturalness create a climate of well-being.

Entirely renovated in 2006. The world renowned French interior architect Pierre-Yves Rochon successfully re-designed the hotel to render to the property a flair of the grand style initially created in 1868 by the Swiss architect M. Ernest Burnat.

The hotel offers 50 rooms with an exceptional view over the harbour of Vevey, lake Geneva, Swiss and French Alps.

Time stops at the Grand Hôtel du Lac. In 1868, at an era prior to the distribution of electricity or the invention of the telephone, automobile or airplane, the future property would be comprised of 120 rooms. The architect Ernest Burnat is put in charge of the planning and execution of the project. During a construction site visit, to evaluate the rising waters in the foundations; he is victim of an accident which will influence the story of the property.
Clothed in elegant apparel and holding onto his pocket watch. He slips and falls into the hole (4.5m deep) and lands on his stomach. His watch shatters, he faints twice, spits blood and stays over 24 hours.
Today, we recall this incident and strive to perpetuate the architects command to let time stop an instant.